Township Track: College Tips

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​2017 -2018 Scholarships and Summer Internships

Guide for the Incoming College Freshman: 

 Top 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before College: 

More Things to Know Before College  :

 How Bad do you Want It?

 Bring your "A" Game  :

Questions to ask when calling a College Coach  :  ​

What is my coach's role in recruiting  : 

 How Do I Get Recruited: 

What is the Minimum GPA to get a Scholarship  :  

Do I need a College Recruiting Video Depending on your sport but good to know :

How do I get an Academic Scholarship   :  

How to land College Scholarship Free Money   :  

How to Write a Good Scholarship Essay   :  

College Essays and Personal  Statement  :

 Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship :